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Albert Einstein once said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”. And while this makes total sense, we all fall into this unhealthy rut of doing just that. We step into relationships with the same kind of person over and over again, we apply for similarly unsatisfying jobs, we meet the same kind of people and find ourselves in similar situations and monotonous social interactions that create a never-ending cycle of discontent.

One of the most important reasons why our lives often never seem to change but only seem to vary with minor differences, is that we cling on to the same old ways of thinking. Stubborn thought patterns either instilled in us from childhood or picked up along the way, make for some very stubborn people, stuck in a rut of their own making! Our minds are often crowded with the same thoughts and same beliefs, often negative, that have either created never ending cycles of sameness or then are often the cause of holding us back from exciting new adventures, new happiness, new dreams and yes, new lives.

Things often change when the way we think about them change. If you find yourself ready to discover the new and clear your mind of old thought and behaviour patterns, it is time to clear your mind to let the new in; it is time for a mind detox if you will. Some people seek the advice of experts, some their friends and some prefer to tackle this alone. Whether is is negative thoughts that are plaguing you, a crowded mind you need a break from or just want to get rid of a little mental clutter, you can try these things right at home!

Meditation  -  Meditation is a practice that has been popular through the ages and found legions of fans around the world. Although it has different meanings and uses in different cultures, meditation essentially helps clear the mind, encourages relaxation and can even be beneficial to helping health issues some believe. The aim is to gain control of your mind, induce a state of peace and increase consciousness to be one with your thought process. It will help you clear your head of unwanted thoughts and help you become more at one with yourself, in the process giving you room to develop new beliefs and thoughts! Find a calm, quite space to just be with yourself and let the voices in your head go…

Exercise – Sometimes all you need to do to clear your head, is to move and break a sweat! Getting up of that couch and moving can do wonders for your mind and your body. The benefits of exercise for mental health have been touted by the experts for years and it doesn’t take science to tell you how great it feels after a really good work-out. Whether it is yoga, a dance class, a brisk run or a boot camp session, exercising can clear your head like few things else and help de-stress you. It also improves self confidence and promotes a healthier self image.

Clear the home – Sometimes in order to clear the mental clutter, it is a good idea to start with clearing the physical clutter around you! Actual mess in the home can frustrate, leave you feeling swamped and foster a general feeling of being stuck. Rid your space of all unwanted clutter that is piling up and taking up way too much space in your head as well. A neat, organized space will go a long way in aiding a clearer thought process.

Try something out of the ordinary – The best way to shake up your existing belief system either about yourself or others around you is to try something new! Sign up for a new class or take a trip to an exotic destination; open your mind up to new interests, new people and new possibilities.

Trace the path backwards – When you know you need to change a certain thought process and want to figure out how to get there, start from the end. Picture a state of mind or a goal you want to achieve and work from the end to the starting point of where you are now, to figure out how to do it. It is a principle often used to teach design, wherein you have the bigger picture in your mind and trace what you need to do back to the other end.

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