Summer Fitness and Food – Rock that Hot Bod!

Woman at the gym

It is time to ditch the jackets and leggings; summer is here people! This only means it is time to soak up the sun, be outdoors, wax those legs and look smoking hot. For people in countries and states where winter is pretty harsh, summer does come with a huge to-do list. Hiding behind multiple layers, loading on hot chocolate and cutting back on any outdoor activity during winter only means working twice as hard to get geared for floral dresses, denim shorts and tank tops. While we strongly believe that it is best to keep your weight under check and be consistent with your workouts, even during winter (it is easy for us to say, since we are based in Mumbai, India where winter isn’t really much of an issue), it is no surprise that everyone wants to go that extra mile during summer.

Here are some food and fitness tips to rock your world this summer:

Come up with a calendar: We all want to believe that we have our eating habits under check and we only binge oh-so-occasionally, but truth be told, when your social calendar is booked back to back it is hard to keep a tab on your junk-cola intake. So it is best to come up with a calendar (for at least 20 days of the month) and try and stick to it religiously. So if kale chips are tomorrow’s 4pm snack list, you know you cannot use the excuse of no kale in the refrigerator, if it is pre-planned. Same goes for the workouts. Spinning, gym, yoga, Pilates or walking in the park, all should be allotted timings, which you can stick to (unless of course the cute boyfriend calls at the last minute and you decide to take off with him for fro-yo).

Don’t fall for so-called miracles: Everyone these days has an opinion on diets – low carb, no carb, vegan, high protein, the list goes on. If something has worked for you, you have first-hand knowledge and information on its success rate. Don’t put your body in shock from time to time and alternate between binging periods and detox periods. Be consistent – enjoy your glass of wine every now and then and gorge on a dark chocolate once in a while (guilt free). Try to cook more and plan more meals and don’t fall for any and every miracle food in the market – they will keep changing and glossies will put ingredients and food groups on the pedestal and then trash them few months later.

Don’t obsess, don’t discuss: Don’t try to convince everyone to jump on the fitness and healthy eating bandwagon just because you are doing it. Don’t obsess about how little weight you have lost or how much you are sweating out; make your own goal plans, work with a trainer or nutritionist (if needed and enjoyed) and keep the motivation going. Also, don’t wait around at dinner parties for everyone to validate your weight loss; just relax and be focused.

Have fun: This is the most important point – make sure to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. Going for a trek, walking your dog, grocery shopping to make the next meal, or trying on clothes (one size smaller) and being ecstatic. Like they say – enjoy the journey, not the destination. So rejoice and don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others and celebrate your body.

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