Interview with April L Ray on Women Empowerment and Self-Confidence


With an intense desire to understand the meaning of life, April L Ray began over 12 years of study in the areas of psychology and metaphysical science. Coupled with over 20 years in the financial and marketing industry, her love for health and beauty, as well computer graphic design, she has developed a mental rolodex filled with knowledge and experience that she has been able to bring together to teach female entrepreneurs how to launch a successful and profitable business presence in the world of Internet and Network Marketing. Her mission? To train and empower women for success.

1.What would be your advice to the young generation?

Young people are in such an awesome place in their lives! If they are able to embrace the truth that they have the power to create their own reality, to literally be, do and have whatever they will, they are in a prime position for success; a position of power! Mind is the Builder! It is the great equalizer! The only thing that separates a person from a life of seeming “failure” to one of ridiculous success is their mind- what they put in it and how they focus it. It’s so simple. It doesn’t matter what color you are, what race or ethnicity, what gender…none of it matters when you understand the power of your mind. Kids are very influenced by the people, places, and things around them to the point where it tosses them to and fro ‘til they are dizzy with confusion of who they are and what they’re purpose is in life. I say your purpose is whatever YOU choose, don’t let anyone choose it for you because that relinquishes the very power you were endowed with. Life is suppose to be fun and exciting, focus your mind on the positive at all times, no matter what things may look like on the outside, and your life will be joyous and prosperous.

2.What are your views on obsession with labels and appearance?

I play around with the obsession word all the time; I’m obsessed with youth and skin care, I’m obsessed with the new Superman! LoL!. But understand, these things bring me joy; there not real “obsessions”, but they do have my attention, so I don’t make any judgments on people who seem to be “obsessed” with things.

As far as being obsessed with appearance and labels- it’s really all a waste of mental time, unless it brings you happiness in some way. In other words, if you love clothes and dressing up and looking good; if you’re a self proclaimed “fashionista” and feel confident when you are dressed to the nine, but can still be ok with wearing sweats to the grocery store, that’s great. It’s when you start to add negative emotion and rigid thinking to that that things get stupid, that would be the definition of obsession to me. For instance, if you don’t feel good enough or confident enough when your not wearing this or that or looking a certain way; you feel less than or judge others by “your” appearance standards, that’s a whole other issue that ultimately leads to discomfort in your life.

Labels- and I’m assuming you’re talking about the labels we put on ourselves and other people-good or bad; are meaningless, they hold no weight to me. Personally, I only give my attention to what you have manifested in your life and what kind of attitude you vibrate, that alone tells the whole story about who you are.

3.Can you share some tips on feeling empowered and more self-confident?

If you don’t feel empowered or confident you must start with looking at or paying attention to your self talk. You cannot implement change in how you feel about yourself if you’re completely oblivious to your inner workings. My teacher would always say, “Be conscious of being conscious.” Be conscious of what your thinking on, once you have begun to get a mark on what your dominant thoughts and feelings are about yourself on a daily basis, you are then in the best place in the world to create change.

We feel powerless when we think we have no control over our circumstances, and the truth is, though you may not have complete control of your outer circumstances, you do have absolute authority and control over your mind and how you respond to your circumstances. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner consciousness. You have command of how you feel at any given moment by the thoughts you deliberately choose to think on. When a thought comes in that screams you are not good enough, counter it with thoughts of appreciation of yourself. If you have difficulty finding positive things to counter your negative thoughts, make a list ahead of time, preferably when you’re not in a negative place, of the things you do like about yourself, the things that are going well for you, the moments of achievement in your life, and refer to that list when those thoughts come your way.

Practice the “feelings” of joy and satisfaction as often as possible. You know, I’m not particularly bible savvy, but I always go back to a scripture that says, “….work during the day because the night cometh”. What this means is, we will always experience times of low vibrations (the night), when you take the time to build your inner self (through mediation) during the times you DO feel good about yourself (the day), when those negative opinions about yourself do come, you will be more equipped to create better and brighter beliefs about yourself. I said all of that to say this, the best way to feel confident and empowered is to purposely think the thoughts of confidence and empowerment until it becomes who you are.

4. How important is the first impression?

I believe first impressions are extremely impactful. A person really needs to take care in bringing their best, most authentic selves to the table no matter what the situation. On the other hand, I also know that we don’t have control of what other people think of us, so as long as you are being true to yourself that’s all that really matters. I personally have misjudged people because of the way they initially came across to me, but due to the circumstances, I had the opportunity to change my opinion as I got to know the person. However, most times we don’t have that opportunity, and I know I’ve been guilty of giving people the wrong idea about who I am and what I’m about in my not so distant past. For that reason, I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

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