In Conversation with the ‘Stop Sabotaging Expert’ Mahastee Mehdizadeh


Mahastee Mehdizadeh has been referred to as the “Stop Sabotaging Expert”.  She helps you overcome blocks, fears, negative thinking, and sabotaging behaviors so you can set healthy boundaries, be your true self, find your passion, and create the life you want successfully!  Mahastee is a Licensed Psychotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist/Co-Founder of Forward Life. Mahastee uses a combination of powerful tools including psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, N.L.P, muscle-testing, coaching etc based on client’s issues and preference, creating positive and powerful results. Mahastee provides individual, couples, family, phone/ skype sessions. Mahastee also teaches classes and workshops in self-discovery, self-growth, and success. Her offices are located in Lake Forest, and Signal Hill, CA.

1. What seems to be the biggest obstacle for clients in therapy?

I feel that people’s difficulty in saying no and setting healthy boundaries is one of the biggest obstacles that people face.  It can make it more difficult in therapy because some people may not be willing to change that because they feel that they are selfish or bad if they do set boundaries, or cause any waves in the family system, and society. Another big obstacle people are facing today is that many especially women in their 40’s are going through existential crisis. There is more and more focus on immediate gratification, and materialism that people end up constantly doing meaningless things to distract themselves from the feeling of boredom. This increases the sense of apathy, and addictive, obsessive, sabotaging behaviors.  Many people think that they are going through depression, when they are just in apathy because they don’t have any sense of purpose or meaning in their lives. I don’t really have issues with my clients, as I can sense from the beginning if they are people that are willing to change and grow. But again there are those that come in expecting immediate results from their anxiety, but want the therapist to do the work for them, as if they are magicians, especially if that therapist also does hypnosis.  I let my clients know from the beginning that I provide the tools to help them, but the amount of their success is based on their own willingness and effort.

2. What’s the best advice you can offer to readers on leading a meaningful life?

The best advice in regards to having meaning in life would be what I learned from studying Victor Frankel, and his book, “Man’s Search For Meaning.” The belief that freedom, and responsibility are two sides of a coin.  If you want more freedom, you need to have more responsibility.  Therefore getting outside of ourselves and helping others allows us to be in a state of love. In this state, we appreciate what we have, and who we are. There is a sense of freedom, and this will increase our level of consciousness.  By being in a higher level of consciousness we are more compassionate, and understanding. By being outside of ourselves (our egos), and in our spirit, we more easily overcome the anxiety, and fears.  By being in the power of a positive state, we have a sense of meaning in life, and can more clearly see our purpose.

3. If there’s one thing you wished your clients or patients knew about treatment or mental illness, what would it be?

That the only thing we can control in our lives is our own reactions, and behaviors.  If we can stop feeling as victims, become more aware of ourselves, take responsibility for our behaviors, accept ourselves, and try to take the situation no matter how bad it is as a lesson that would be so amazing.  It is hard but once we look at the situation and appreciate it for being there, we are no longer attached to being a victim, and therefore become more peaceful and free.

4. What techniques work best for mental healing?

I use a variety of modalities in my work.  It matters by also what the client is comfortable with.  I believe hypnotherapy, and subconscious release work is extremely powerful.  I also educate clients about the Enneagram personality types, along with other relationship styles, allowing my clients to have a stronger sense of self, and understand who they are. They will focus on becoming a more healthy and enhanced version of themselves rather than try to be something else. Sometimes we need to go beyond just the mind, and help clients connect with their spirit.  I do imagery work with my clients; I also bring in meaning and spirituality by integrating works of Dr. Victor Frankel, Dr. David R. Hawkins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, which are very powerful in healing in my sessions. I also teach workshops, and classes in muscle-testing, self-hypnosis, vision boarding, understanding the Enneagram, and have groups that brings in a experiential dynamic that is powerful in itself.

5. Tell us a little about the evolution in the field of mental wellness.

The advances of neuroscience such as Brain Spects have provided support to therapists’ experiences, and conclusions. Although there are elements of mindfulness being incorporated in therapy, there is still a lack of support in utilizing and recognizing hypnotherapy as a valuable tool.  There is still a close-minded among the majority of therapists in regards to alternative approaches.

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