Dating Coach Tripp’s take on Relationship’s in today’s Times


About Tripp

Tripp is a dating coach for men in Los Angeles, California. Through years of his own field experience, Tripp has been able to identify what it takes to flirt, attract and create a successful relationship with a woman. His company TrippAdvice focuses on confidence, attraction, texting, flirting, fashion and lifestyle management.

1. How have relationships evolved in today’s hyper connected social media frenzy infested world?

I believe that while it’s become easier to meet people due to our connected world it’s also become harder. The reason is because society has become very used to quick solutions in this very fast paced world. I think instead of staying with one partner for longer, relationships have become very quick too. If we don’t find what we are looking for then we will make quick jumps to be with someone else since it’s so easy to connect to more people.

2. What are the quick tips for healthy relationships?

The quickest tip I can give for a healthy relationship is communication. When there is ever a problem it always boils down to being able to effectively communicate it to your partner. Most fights are caused by one person holding in the issues and trying not to start a fight. If you learn how to communicate and receive communication then you can have a healthier, longer relationship.

3. Quick tips for creating harmonious, thriving relationships

Same answer as above. Again, most problems stem from communication. Another thing is to keep courting your partner. Never stop. Once the flirting disappears and the fun slows down, relationships become more of a drag then something keeping you feeling happy. Always continue to impress and find new ways to love your partner.

4. Your advice for the “want it all and fast” generation

Slow down. In this hyper-world we tend to live more in the past and future rather than the present. Enjoy the moments as they come at you and learn to love the dating process. The faster we move through all the processes, the faster we age and then forget what life was all about. Slow down.

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